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“The universe is change: our life is what our thoughts make it.” — Marcus Aurelius

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Warriors with Character

Sam Angert Josh Andrew Steve Baskis Justin Constantine Chase Cooper Bobby Dove Chad Ellinger
Sam Angert Josh Andrew Steve Baskis Justin Constantine Chase Cooper Bobby Dove Chad Ellinger
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Mark Holbert Todd Nicely Jon Silk Bradley Snyder      

A Daunting Perspective From the Other Side of the Bed By Michael J. Kerrigan 


Over the last several years I have come to greatly admire the work of the War Writers Campaign. a nonprofit independent publisher who understands the power of therapy through communications. In my publication of Courage in America: 7 Warriors with Character and through the Character Building Project, I have tried to support their mission of promoting social change surrounding veteran’s issues through written awareness.

In visiting wounded warriors at Walter Reed Medical Center, Fort Belvoir and other hospitals serving the military, I have met many warriors who have successfully grown after suffering traumatic mental and physical injuries. I cannot… Continue reading

Van T. Barfoot has died


Remember the guy who wouldn’t take

the flag pole down on his Virginia

property a while back?

You might remember the news story several

months ago about a crotchety old man in

Virginia who defied his local Homeowners

Association, and refused to take down the

flag pole on his property along with the large

American flag he flew on it.

Now we learn who that old man was.

On June 15, 1919, Van T. Barfoot was born in

Edinburg , Texas . That probably didn’t make

news back then.

But twenty-five years later, on May 23, 1944,

near Carano ,… Continue reading

Wounded Vets Do The Impossible!


Make time to watch Lara Logan’s 60 Minutes episode story on The Heroes Project. Last nights 60 Minutes story was on a former Hells Angels biker finding his life’s purpose by helping gravely wounded veterans climb the world’s Seven Summits.

It is awe inspiring to watch Marine Brad Ivanchan, a double amputee climb the summits of South America Mt. Aconcagua. Brad Ivanchan lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan. He says the hardest part of summiting Mt. Aconcagua was battling the elements.

Warriors like Brad got out of their hospital beds, got off their meds to take on enormous physical… Continue reading

Suffering Is The Great Law Of The Spiritual World


Over the holidays I had time to watch several You Tube videos** of warriors coping with TBI and especially, noting the essential role of spouses standing by their men. These stories prompted me to think more deeply of their suffering.

Although I could not be of much help to these American heroes, I would hope they might receive some consolation in the following mediation by Elisabeth Leseur, a French laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway.

“Suffering is the great law of the spiritual world. God’s chosen ones escape it less than others; they pay the ransom for others, sometimes… Continue reading

“On The Reading of Old Books”… C.S. Lewis


Every age has its own outlook. It is especially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to make certain mistakes. We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books. All contemporary writers share to some extent the contemporary outlook – even those like myself, who seem most opposed to it. Nothing strikes me more when I read the controversies of past ages than the fact that both sides were usually assuming without question a good deal which we should now absolutely deny […]

Something positive will come from reading this book!


In my opinion, this book emphatically deserves five stars and hopefully, will be widely read. There are several reasons why, For Love of Country is important to be widely read …

  • It squarely addresses the fact that we have become disconnected from those who served us; that is, the divide between the 1% who have served in uniform and the 99% who have not.
  • In part one, the authors tastefully tell five stories of heroes (Bill and Nate Krissoff; Members of First Platoon, Bravo Company, Third Battalion; Seventy-Fifth Ranger Regiment; Col. Kellie McCoy, Jonathan Yale and Jordan Haerter, and Medal… Continue reading

Tyler Southern: Testimonial to Post Traumatic Growth


My name is Tyler Southern. I was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2007 at the age of 17 I joined the Marine Corps. After training I was attached to 1st Battalion 2nd Marines where I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan

On May 5th 2010 , while in Afghanistan, I stepped on the pressure plate of a 10lbs victim operated IED resulting in the immediate loss of three limbs. After two and a half years rehabbing at Bethesda Naval Hospital , I medically retired on September 21, 2012.

On July 9, 2011 I married my best friend, the beautiful Ashley… Continue reading

Help a Chaplain Disciplined for His Faith

Military Chaplains Travel Afghan Battlefield Ministering To Troops


The recent action taken against Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion by his brigade commander, Col. David G. Fivecoat, cannot stand.

When Chaplain Lawhorn recently participated in a mandatory suicide awareness and prevention briefing, he gave a presentation describing resources – both spiritual and secular – that were available for handling such grave mental health situations. He went further and discussed his personal struggles with depression, describing the spiritual and religious steps that helped him during those dark times in his life.

As a result of the chaplain’s discussion of his faith, he was called into… Continue reading

Looking for rehab property, investor finds war hero.


In a bedroom lay a white silk pillow – yellowed with age and emblazoned with the screaming eagle emblem of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. On the walls were pictures and plaques telling the story of a World War II veteran; in another room was an adjustable hospital bed and, on a windowsill, a worn Bible.

That October day, Jim Bennett was looking for an investment, a house to buy, rehab, then rent or resell, as he has done with about 500 others over more than 20 years. But Bennett found much more at the modest, two-story rowhouse on Winton… Continue reading

Bridging The Gap Between Veterans and our Nation



Petula Dvorak wrote a terrific column in the Washington Post about why it’s not enough to simply thank our veterans for their service.  She talks about a ballet performance that is a tribute to a former dancer, Colin Wolfe, who confounded his artsy family by becoming a Marine, then devastated them when he was killed in 2006. He was 19 years old..

A small group of Marines come to the show who served with Wolfe in Iraq. “They were there to pay their respects to him and his mother, Amy Wolfe, artistic director of the Manassas Ballet… Continue reading


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